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Film registration

The Film Registry records and stores information about films distributed and publicly screened in Lithuania in order to ensure the protection of copyright and related rights.

The Film Registry includes all films produced in Lithuania as well as films imported into Lithuania for distribution and public showing, except for those films which are screened at festivals, retrospectives, and other events intended for the satisfaction of cultural, artistic, and educational needs of the general public.

A film is registered after it goes through the classification process of giving age restrictions on the audience.

Film age rating classification

Films are classified by setting age restrictions on the audience by the Lithuanian Film Centre at the proposal of the Film Rating Commission. The Film Rating Commission consists of 7 members from different state and public institutions.

Films screened at festivals, seminars, retrospectives, and other events intended for the satisfaction of the cultural, artistic, and education needs of the general public are classified by the organisers of such events who indicate age restrictions on the audience.

Tax incentives

With the Lithuanian Tax Incentive scheme the production company receives up to 30% of the budget when filming in Lithuania and the local donor is motivated by the opportunity to reduce the local corporate income tax.

The new scheme involves a foreign production company, a Lithuanian production company, a local donor providing financial support to the film and the Lithuanian Film Centre that administers the scheme. Producers can apply at any time during the year.

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