Lithuania offers you up to 20% of Lithuanian production budget.

The new scheme involves a foreign production company, a Lithuanian production company, a local donor providing financial support to the film and the Lithuanian Film Centre that administers the scheme.

Foreign producer will need a local production company to be able to qualify for the Incentives. The scheme can be applied to a whole film or a part of it.

Further procedures and conditions apply for the Lithuanian spend.

The process is explained in the scheme below:



The production company receives up to 20% of the budget when filming in Lithuania and the local sponsor is motivated by the opportunity to reduce the local corporate income tax.


The Incentives are available to feature films, TV films, documentaries and animated films. This includes domestically produced, co-produced or commissioned films (produced under service agreement).

The aggregate maximum amount of the donation funds provided cannot exceed 20% of the production expenses of the film or its part.

At least 80% of Lithuanian production costs have to be spent in Lithuania.

Film spend in Lithuania has to be at least EUR 43,000.

The film cannot be pornographic or promote violence and has to meet cultural content and production criteria.


Producers can apply at any time during the year.


The tax incentives procedures are administrated by the Lithuanian Film Centre. For more information please contact Milda Vakarinaitė, email

The Lithuanian film tax incentive was approved by the European Commission in 2012 December and will run until 31st of December, 2018.