About us

The Lithuanian Film Centre, established in May, 2012, is a state institution under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The Centre operates under the Film Law (amended in 2011).

The aim of the Centre is to participate in  designing an effective film and audiovisual sector policy and to foster the sustainability of the Lithuanian film industry.

The Lithuanian Film Centre:

  • allocates subsidies for the development, production and distribution of Lithuanian films and international co-productions;
  • promotes Lithuanian films at home and abroad;
  • implements programmes in areas of film education, national film heritage, training for professionals, research and statistics;
  • administers The Film Registry and film ratings scheme;
  • fosters private sector investment in filmmaking;
  • aims to position Lithuania among the countries offering the most favourable environment to foreign film productions;
  • represents Lithuania at international film festivals, fairs, organizations and programmes.
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