Films for Lithuanian Statehood Restoration Centenary





90 min. • B/W • Drama
To be released 2019


In interwar Lithuania, a geography professor tries to convince the government to set up a backup state overseas in order to save the country from ruin. Unfortunately, the idea is mostly met with mockery and opposition. Still, there is some hope in that the plan is secretly supported by the country’s middle-aged prime minister who is disillusioned with politics and in love. The men debate whom they should save, others or themselves?

Directed by Karolis Kaupinis
Written by Karolis Kaupinis
Cinematography by Simonas Glinskis
Production design by Audrius Dumikas
Costume design by Monika Vėbraitė
Cast Aleksas Kazanavičius, Rasa Samuolytė, Vaidotas Martinaitis
Produced by Marija Razgutė
Production company “M-Films”, Lithuania
Marija Razgutė
D. Gerbutavičiaus g. 10-91,
LT-04317 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 601 07 802



40 min. • Historical Epic
Premiere 2018 07 06


In the year 1247, an elite soldier, leitis, knocks on the door of a village elder’s house. By an order from the grand duke, the elder is tasked with supplying his sovereign with reconnaissance from the border of his realm. The man sends his young and inexperienced son to accompany the soldier on the mission. An ordinary task turns into a real challenge as both men face threat from enemy soldiers as well as strange and mystical creatures inhabiting impenetrable millennial forests. The price they have to pay for the experience and the title is life itself. Leitis is an epic tale about medieval Lithuania.

Directed by Andrius Bartkus
Written by Rasa Ylaitė, Vytautas Navickas
Cinematography by Andrius Bartkus
Production design by Vytautas Navickas, Gitana Striaukaitė
Costume design by Vytautas Navickas, Gitana Striaukaitė
Music by Justinas Štaras
Edited by Andrius Bartkus
Cast Andrius Povilauskas, Vytautas Rumšas, Kęstutis Cicėnas, Karolina Toleikytė
Produced by Saulius Bartkus
Production company “BE TABU” ir Ko, Lithuania
Džiugas Bartkus
J. Basanavičiaus g. 38,
LT-03109 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 682 67 203



90 min. • Drama
To be released 2019 02

Purpurinis rūkas1

The Purple Fog tells a dramatic story about guilt and repentance set in post-war Lithuania. The film’s hero Josef, who has narrowly escaped the destiny of his executed parents, has a choice to make: either continue to blame or to forgive. What will he choose, when the injustices suffered are so great and the turns of fortune so severe?

Directed by Raimundas Banionis
Written by Renata Šerelytė-Mendeikienė, Raimundas Banionis
Cinematography by Rolandas Leonavičius
Production design by Algirdas Garbačiauskas, Jurij Grigorovič
Costume design by Daiva Petrulytė
Music by Faustas Latėnas
Edited by Ričardas Matačius
Cast Severinas Norgaila, Giedrė Mockeliūnaitė, Tadas Gudaitis,
Vidas Petkevičius
Produced by Arūnas Stoškus, Kęstutis Petrulis
Production company “Studija 2″, Lithuania
Kęstutis Petrulis
S. Konarskio g. 49,
LT-03123 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 687 41 669





30 min. • VR animation project • Lithuania | Belarus
Premiere 2018 08 30

Angelu takais

Trail of Angels pays tribute to the famous Lithuanian painter and composer M. K. Čiurlionis. It‘s an immersive virtual reality animation project which invites the viewer to explore the magic world of M. K. Čiurlionis’ paintings and interact with its environments and characters while listening to the music by this outstanding artist.

Directed by Kristina Buožytė
Written by Kristina Buožytė
Production design by Aleksandr Podgorny
Creative director Vitalijus Žukas
Produced by Vitalijus Žukas, Kristina Buožytė, Aleksandr Podgorny
Production companies “Okta”, “Natrix natrix”, Lithuania; “Asterman”, Belarus
Vitalijus Žukas
Karačiūnų g. 16c-1,
LT-10151 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 611 40 558



10 min. • Children’s Film
To be released 2018 10

Grybu karas1

Animated film based on a poem by Justinas Marcinkevičius. A mighty army of mushrooms is ready to take over the forest. But aren’t they too small for the battle?

Directed by Antanas Skučas
Written by Antanas Skučas
Production design by Ieva Miškinytė, Antanas Skučas
Produced by Antanas Skučas
Production company “Tylus kinas”, Lithuania
Antanas Skučas
Žirmūnų g. 102-69,
LT-09121 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 633 83 291



6 min. • Family Film
Premiere 2018 03 16


Shine is an animated short film which visualizes a symbolic fight for the preservation and use of the Lithuanian language in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The boy protagonist leads the viewer along this poetic ode to the nation and its difficult struggle to keep its language alive. Different stages in the struggle – press prohibition and book smuggling in the Russian Empire, Stalin’s mass deportations to Siberia, movements for independence from the USSR  – are rendered in beautiful stop motion images inspired by the works of Lithuanian painters.

Directed by Gediminas Šiaulys
Written by Gediminas Šiaulys
Cinematography by Darius Petrulaitis
Production design by Elena Dvoreckaja
Music by Vytautas Leistrumas
Produced by Miglė Pelakauskė
Production company “Doctor Anima”, Lithuania
Miglė Pelakauskė
Vaidilutės g. 79,
LT-10100 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 685 51 745





65 min. • B/W • Historical Documentary
Premiere 2017 12 30

Europos parkas1

On 11 March 1990, the Supreme Council of Lithuania proclaims the restoration of an independent state. Gintaras Karosas, a 22-year-old student of Vilnius Academy of Arts, begins to build an open-air museum of modern and contemporary art. The Soviet occupying forces are marching across Vilnius. At the same time, Gintaras is cutting away shrubs in a forest, moving boulders, cleaning garbage from a pond and erecting first sculptures. The fight of the Lithuanian people for freedom and Gintaras’ project for the Park of Europe symbolise victory of progressive thought over obsolete Soviet totalitarianism.

Directed by Algirdas Tarvydas
Written by Algirdas Tarvydas
Cinematography by Algirdas Tarvydas
Music by Algimantas Apanavičius
Edited by Justina Dovidaitytė
Produced by Algirdas Tarvydas
Production company “Dokumentika”, Lithuania
Algirdas Tarvydas
Apkasų g. 35-29,
LT-08226 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 698 82 544



80 min. • Biography
To be released 2019

Greimas_Varztu sistema

Born in 1917, A. J. Greimas was a contemporary of the Republic of Lithuania, working hard to expose the country to Western culture. A member of the Nazi resistance, he chose to become an émigré after the Soviet occupation of Lithuania. He is also the one to be credited with creating a post-war revival strategy for the country. He is known in the world as one of the creators of the science of Semiotics. Speaking about Lithuania’s 100-year history and his own life, he said: ”My intellectual trajectory can be explained by my origin and the events that occurred during my youth in Lithuania. To be a semiotician is to raise the question of meaning.”

Directed by Saulius Beržinis
Written by Akvilė Žilionytė, Saulius Beržinis
Cinematography by Vytautas Gradeckas, Vincas Kubilius
Edited by Vytautas Gradeckas
Produced by Laura Ratkevičiūtė
Production company “Filmų KOPA”, Lithuania
Laura Ratkevičiūtė
Konarskio g. 49, 27 k.,
LT-03123 Vilnius, Lithuania
+ 370 673 11 777




70 min.
To be released 2018 10

Photo by Arūnas Matukas

Veteran mountain climber Algimantas Jucevičius once said that the biggest victory one can achieve is to leave one’s home. He has inspired hundreds of people to leave their comfort zone and expand their horizons. This film will follow Algimantas’ latest expedition to the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan. We will walk side by side with Algimantas and will get to know the character of this leader and adventurer and his perspective on taking risks, facing extreme conditions, losing friends and gaining wisdom.

Directed by Miglė Satkauskaitė
Written by Miglė Satkauskaitė
Cinematography by Saulius Lukoševičius
Edited by Armas Rudaitis
Produced by Rasa Miškinytė
Production company “Era Film”, Lithuania
Rasa Miškinytė
K. Ladygos g. 1-119,
LT-08235 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 682 96 128



60 min.
To be released 2018 10

Keliones į Lietuva

© “Studio Nominum”

This film is a humorous tale about the first encounters between American-Lithuanians and their occupied motherland. Seen in retrospect, their reactions, as well as the feelings of those who greeted them in Soviet Lithuania, appear strange, yet charming and a little sad. Images captured with amateur cameras reveal the reality of the country’s Soviet period as well as the mentality of the expatriates themselves, their distinctive way of looking at Lithuania of the time.

Directed by Ramunė Rakauskaitė
Written by Ramunė Rakauskaitė
Cinematography by Kristina Sereikaitė, Eitvydas Doškus
Edited by Audinga Kučinskaitė
Produced by Algimantė Matelienė
Production company “Studio Nominum”, Lithuania
Algimantė Matelienė
A. Goštauto g. 2,
LT-01104 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 212 31 13



90 min. • Lithuania | Latvia
To be released 2018 10


In the 1990s, every boy in Lithuania watched karate action films on VHS and dreamed of being a super hero. The struggle for Lithuania’s independence in 1991 gave a group of young men a chance to do just that.
The L-Team is a partly-animated feature documentary about a dozen hand-picked teenagers who formed the first ever SWAT-like squad in 1991, just months after Lithuania declared independence from the USSR. Without proper training, but with extreme enthusiasm, they were eager to stop Soviet tanks with their bare hands and karate kicks they had seen on VHS.

Directed by Andrius Lekavičius
Written by Andrius Lekavičius
Cinematography by Saulius Lukoševičius
Music by Andris Indāns
Edited by Kostas Radlinskas
Produced by Gabrielė Vaičiūnaitė, Andrius Lekavičius, Marta Bite
Production companies “360 laipsnių filmai”, Lithuania; “Tanka”, Latvia
Andrius Lekavičius
Užupio g. 27-10,
LT-01202 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 615 56 131



80 min. • Lithuania | Latvia | Estonia
Premiere 2018 07 01

Naujoji Baltijos banga

The film tells the story of the Baltic school of poetic documentary and its creators, filmmakers who broke with the tradition of Soviet propaganda documentary in the 1960s. The film introduces the grand masters of the Baltic poetic documentary, surveys their work and a unique collection of archive footage promising a new wave in the history of cinema yet to be discovered.

Directed by Audrius Stonys, Kristine Briede
Written by Kristine Briede, Audrius Stonys, Arūnas Matelis,
Ramunė Rakauskaitė, Riho Västrik
Cinematography by Valdis Celmiņš, Audrius Kemežys, Laisvis Karvelis,
Joosep Matjus
Music by Giedrius Puskunigis
Edited by Kostas Radlinskas, Andra Dorss
Produced by Arūnas Matelis, Uldis Cekulis, Riho Västrik
Production companies “Studio Nominum”, Lithuania; “VFS Films”,
Latvia; “Vesilind”, Estonia
Algimantė Matelienė
A. Goštauto g. 2,
LT-01104 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 212 31 13



79 min. • Biography • Lithuania | Italy
Premiere 2018 10 30


Photo by Sandro Bozzolo

Nijolė Šivickas, the mother of the eccentric former Bogotá Mayor Antanas Mockus, is a restless woman of 85. She spends her days in the silence of her studio, experimenting and meditating, planning and forgetting herself. She rarely goes out and has been refusing to take part in exhibitions and gallery showings for over a decade. The film is an intimate portrait of an extraordinary woman as seen through the eyes of her best work of art, her own son.

Directed by Sandro Bozzolo
Written by Sandro Bozzolo, Maria Cecilia Reyes
Cinematography by Sandro Bozzolo
Music by Lina Lapelytė
Edited by Silvija Vilkaitė
Produced by Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė, Max Chicco, Sandro Bozzolo
Production companies “Just a moment”, Lithuania; “Meibi”, Italy
Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė
Pylimo g. 9-13,
LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 686 88 980



90 min. • Biography
Premiere 2018 03 02


Rūta is a compelling story about one of Lithuania’s most accomplished athletes, the swimmer Rūta Meilutytė, her career developments and personal life. The documentary follows the swimmer’s complicated childhood and her rise to fame, from her first strokes in a swimming pool to winning Olympic gold and beyond. It is a story of a fifteen-year-old girl who became an international star overnight, not yet realising how this will affect her life.

Directed by Rokas Darulis, Ronaldas Buožis
Written by Rokas Darulis, Ronaldas Buožis
Cinematography by Ronaldas Buožis
Music by Leon Somov
Edited by Rokas Darulis, Ronaldas Buožis
Produced by Laura Almantaitė
Production company “Kino paslaptis”, Lithuania
Ronaldas Buožis
Aguonų g. 14-17,
LT-03213 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 688 41 882




80 min. • Lithuania | Estonia
To be released 2019

Svelnus kariai1

Gentle Warriors follows five young women who decided to sign up for voluntary military service. They spend nine months living and training in an isolated military facility in the company of 600 men in Rukla, Lithuania. The film is a coming-of-age story of girls becoming warriors – in the military and in life.

Directed by Marija Stonytė
Written by Marija Stonytė
Cinematography by Vytautas Plukas
Edited by Mirjam Jegorov
Produced by Giedrė Žickytė, Riho Västrik
Production companies “Moonmakers”, Lithuania; “Vesilind”, Estonia
Giedrė Žickytė
J. Basanavičiaus g. 6-10,
LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 659 01 278



75 min.
To be released 2018 10 01

Tas zodis Lituanie1

That Word – Lituanie is a documentary about a brave adventure in 1919 that happened in Paris. We are guided through the bends and curves of history by a young and curious Parisian girl. Together with her we meet interesting personalities, look for photos, film archives and those expressive details in puzzling mazes from which we are putting together a mosaic as a story which happened exactly 100 years ago during the Paris Peace Conference. By following the footsteps of Freedom, we end up in Paris, which suddenly itself becomes an important character of the movie.

Directed by Martina Jablonskytė
Written by Martina Jablonskytė
Cinematography by Audrius Zelenius
Edited by Linas Grubys
Produced by Teresa Rožanovska
Production company “Ketvirta versija”, Lithuania
Teresa Rožanovska
Riovonių g. 8-2,
LT-03154 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 618 07 994



75 min. •  Biography
To be released 2018 10

Tumo kodeksas1

A true story of the priest and writer, journalist and Franciscan monk Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas. A towering figure in pre-WWII Republic of Lithuania, his personality embodies the idea that a modern state is first and foremost a cultural project. His good humour and deeply Christian values contributed to a legend of a genuinely free personality, unstoppable as the voice of conscience, a tireless negotiator between irreconcilable positions. The legend of Tumas’ life and work has inspired many to resist attempts by an unfree society to enslave their minds.

Directed by Eimantas Belickas
Written by Liudvika Pociūnienė
Cinematography by Narvydas Naujalis
Production design by Dalia Dudėnaitė
Costume design by Rasa Taujanskienė
Edited by Eimantas Belickas
Cast Ramūnas Cicėnas, Rolandas Kazlas
Produced by Teresa Rožanovska
Production company “Ketvirta versija”, Lithuania
Teresa Rožanovska
Riovonių g. 8-2,
LT-03154 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 618 07 994