Lithuanian Film Centre supports and sponsors film education development initiatives, coordinates and develops visual literacy training in order to ensure that cinema becomes as accessible as possible both as a leisure time activity and as a means of self-expression and world cognition.

Film education is a part of visual literacy training, where the skills to “read”, critically evaluate and create visual information are developed. The film education of children and young people is particularly important: visual literacy training encourages creativity, critical thinking and perception of visual culture of children and young people, and thus, an intellectual audience of film viewers is on the increase.

Film Education Resources Database

Film Education Resources Database is the continuous film education program. Its priority is Lithuanian national cinema. The aim is to encourage teachers to use the films as independent sources of information not only as illustrations, watch, analyze and evaluate the films together with students in the classroom.
The database was launched in December 2013. It consists of three film programs including a total of 15 films.
The programs are developed to different age groups (students from 12 to 18 years). Each program contains feature films, documentaries, animation and short films. Each film has the teaching resource. All films and teaching resources are available only in Lithuanian language.
Film Education Resources Database runs on Lithuanian Film Centre’s web site. It is available only to teachers, who are registered users. Once registered and logged in to database teachers can download teaching resources and along with their students watch films on-line.

Young Film Critic competition

This project aims at encouraging young people to watch and analyse films as well as at developing intellectual and critical film audiences.
The competition is open to all senior class students of Lithuania. Reviews are assessed in two categories, 15-16 and 17-18 year-olds. Entrants should submit a written film review.  This could be a  film that the student watched  at the cinema theatre during the year or the film from the proposed programs and platforms.
We are looking for powerful, persuasive voices with original opinions.
The competition is held every year in October-November.