Assessment of cultural content of a film on the basis of a script

A film shall be considered in conformity with the cultural content assessment criteria if:

1)      The film meets at least two of the film cultural criteria

  • The screenplay or central theme of the film are based on events which are  part of Lithuanian or European culture, history, mythology or religion.
  • The film tells about a character or personality who is part of Lithuanian or European culture, history, society or religion.
  • The screenplay or central theme of the film is based on a culturally significant work of national or European literature.
  • The film reflects an important Lithuanian or European value/values such as cultural diversity, solidarity, equity, minority rights, human rights, tolerance, environmental protection and respect for cultural and family traditions.
  • The film focuses on the issue of Lithuanian or European identity or Lithuanian and European customs and traditions.

Film production evaluation

The film shall satisfy production evaluation criteria if:

  • It is not a promotional film, an advertisement, a television programme, a music video, a computer game or a television series  that is broadcast daily or several times per week and which has certain character schemes and narrative structures that would allow them to be continued endlessly and do not create any artistic value, including but not limited to situation comedies and soap operas.
  • At least three days of shooting take place in the Republic of Lithuania during the course of production of a film (except for animation projects).
  • During the course of production of an animation project, at least 10 percent of all or at least 20 percent of two of the elements listed below will be created or produced in the Republic of Lithuania:
    •  shooting (if the script so requires),
    •  developing and/or creating visual or graphic design of characters, set and props,
    •  compositional layout of a frame, storyboards,
    •  animatic, visual and special effects.
  • At least 51 percent of the crew hired by the Lithuanian film producer are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or citizens of other European Economic Area countries.