Lithuanian-Canadian Film-Maker Scores Double Selection in Tokyo


The Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival has awarded Official Selection status to Jacob’s Recall and A Journey to Rome – Discovering Venus Anh — two short films by writer/director Michael Sundberg (Lit. name: ML Sund).

Jacob’s Recall is a ten-minute psychological drama set in Malibu, California in 1968. A Harvard freshman’s life spirals downward after his girlfriend choses not to follow him to Massachusetts. How can she stop his impending suicide from across the country? This film includes spectacular cinematography and a wonderful soundtrack including original tunes by the Yardbirds.

In A Journey to Rome – Discovering Venus Anh, a London college student travels to Rome to explore sacred sites in the story of Venus Anh, an epic poem about a goddess of women’s rights, written by ML Sund. All fifty-five of the impressive cinematic photographs for the story are highlighted in this multi-award-winning docu-film produced in Italy.

Due to the current lockdown, all films selected by the festival will be streamed on Vimeo, providing world-wide access to viewing and voting for category favorites. View films in “Headliner—Shorts” at or here

Michael, a Canadian with dual citizenship in Lithuania, founded Eagle Range Productions in Los Angeles in 2019. He creates content aligned with humanitarian and charitable causes.