Lithuanian Film Centre Announced Production and Development Grants for 2018 2nd Session


The Lithuanian Film Centre has distributed €781,153 at its second session of financing for 2018. In all, 34 film projects received funding for production and development.

The government has allocated €583,583 for the production of 16 films, including one feature film, four documentaries, five shorts and six minority co-productions.

The biggest grant of €100,000 went to the director Donatas Ulvydas‘ feature film Three Women („Trys Moterys“), produced by ACME Film. Funding was also allocated for three documentaries directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius (Prologos / „Prologos“, production company Extimacy Films), Albina Griniūtė (Harbor / „Uostas“, production company Just a Moment), Vytautas V. Landsbergis (The Departed to Return / „Išėjusiems sugrįžti“, production company A Propos studija) and the debut documentary film by Emilija Škarnulytė, Burial („Kapinynas“, production company Just a Moment).

Among the projects that received production grants are five shorts: two fiction films, two documentaries and one animated film. The sum to be divided among the five projects totals almost €114,000.

The grant of €221,595 will be split among six minority co-production projects: three feature films, two short films and one short animation. For the first time, Lithuanian filmmakers will work with Greek and Armenian film production companies.

Dansu Films, together with the Greek production company Heretic, will produce the short Anna and Phaedra („Ana ir Fedra“, dir. Elina Panik), which was granted €14,895 of state support. A sum of €60,000 was allotted to the Armenian director Jivan Avetisyan‘s feature film Gate to Heaven („Vartai į dangų“, Lithuanian production company Artbox), and €30,000 went to the Latvian director Dāvis Sīmanis’ feature The Year Before the War („Metai prieš karą“), co-produced by Studio Uljana Kim.

For the first time, an animated film will be created in co-operation with the biggest Estonian animation studio Nukufilm. A grant of €14,500 is secured by the short puppet animation project Winter in the Rainforest („Žiema atogrąžų miške“, dir. Anu-Laura Tuttelberg), a minority co-production between the Lithuanian production company Art Shot and partners from Estonia and Mexico.

The Lithuanian Film Centre has also allotted 18 development grants totalling €197,570. This funding for film development went to four features, two documentaries, one animated short and one interactive film project, while ten projects received support for script development. The scripts range from drama and science fiction to horror, action comedy, romantic comedy and crime/historical thriller.

To summarise the results of the two funding sessions, organised by the Lithuanian Film Centre, for film production and development this year, 85 film projects received government support totalling €4,527,778.


Trys moterys Donatas Ulvydas ACME Film €100,000 Feature
Prologos Mantas Kvedaravičius Extimacy Films €54,000 Documentary
Uostas / Harbor Albina Griniūtė Just a Moment €35,000 Documentary
Išėjusiems sugrįžti Vytautas V. Landsbergis A Propos studija €45,000 Documentary
Pieno baras / Milk Bar Urtė Oettinger Art Shot €12,000 Short
Riteris ir freilina Pavelas Medvedevas Studija JU €10,000 Short
Kaubojus Raimondas  Kavaliauskas Vaizdinių kūryba €17,000 Short
Kapinynas / Burial Emilija Škarnulytė Just a Moment €14,000 Debut
Senas šautuvas Jokūbas Vilius Tūras Studija 2 €60,000 Short
Kooperatyviniai sodai Vytautas Katkus Viktorijos filmai €14,988 Short
Žiema atogrąžų miške / Winter in the Rainforest Anu-Laura Tuttelberg Art Shot €14,500 Minority Co-production
Metai prieš karą / The Year Before the War Dāvis Sīmanis Studio Uljana Kim €30,000 Minority Co-production
Inga Davit Abramishvili Filmai LT €80,000 Minority Co-production
Dama su kamelijomis / The Lady of the Camellias Edouard Montoute Fralita Films €22,200 Minority Co-production
Ana ir Fedra / Anna and Phaedra Elina Panik Dansu Films €14,895 Minority Co-production