Lithuania joined the Young Audience Award

Jaunojo žiūrovo kino diena14

The EFA Young Audience Award (YAA) annually presents three nominated films to 12-14-year-old audiences across Europe who watch and discuss the films, and elect their favourite at the end of the day. Jury speakers then announce the national results live via video conference during an awards ceremony in Erfurt (Germany), on 7th of May.

Lithuanian participating the event for the first time this year and here the jurors were invited from the public schools of all over Lithuania. More than 50 pupils from 5 different cities gathered early Sunday morning to participate in this special event and voted together with most of the participants from over the Europe for the Fathi Akin’s movie “Goodbye Berlin” as the best movie for youth.

The Young Audience Film Day is aimed at shared experiences: it is fun-packed day in which participants will watch and discuss films in the company of others and will also act as a film jury.

At the end of the day, young audience members from each participating city get to vote for their favourite film. Two young jury speakers finally announce the national results via a recorded video conference during the awards ceremony in the evening; the ceremony is shown as a live broadcast on the EFA’s website.

Teachers, educators, parents and guardians are hereby invited to identify students and young teens who would like to participate in this full-day event, watch the three nominated films and vote for their favourite of three films!

You can watch the Young Audience Award ceremony recorded here: (Lithuania starts voting at 20:22).