‘Eastern Business’ (‘Afacerea est’): Transylvania Review


I’M NOT FROM HERE nominated at the 56th Krakow Film Festival

The protagonist of the film is Josebe, a Basque woman who lives in a nursing home in Chile. Days slip by imperceptibly at this closed institution. Because of dementia, Josebe does not have an easygoing personality; she is stubborn and seldom manages to establish contact with other residents. Although the woman has lived in Chile for several decades, she still recalls her happy youth spent in the Basque town of Renteria. I’m Not From Here is a poignant documentary about old age and a desperate attempt at hanging on to the memories which are still very vivid.

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Lithuania: a powerful attraction

The film industry in Lithuania has achieved an importance on the international scene that belies the country’s relatively small stature. Proving itself a popular destination for international co-productions – partly thanks to competitive tax incentives –, the Baltic country has also seen a huge increase in its domestic audience.

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