EFADs Resolution on the Potential Reforms to European Union copyright rules

The European Film Agencies have adopted in March 2015 a common resolution on the EU plans to
reform the copyright framework. This first paper, that launches the reflection of the EFADs, will be
followed by an in-depth assessment of the EU initiatives and their impact on the way films and audiovisual
works are financed and distributed.

“As organisations dedicated to supporting the creation, production and distribution of European
works, we fully share the objective to promote the circulation of works and their availability to an
increasingly wider public, but we would be deeply concerned about any proposals that would
endanger the financing of film and television productions” underlines P. Dinges, President of the

Acknowledging that copyright is a powerful tool to stimulate creativity, learning and innovation, the
EFADs stress in particular that:
● the current copyright framework is fit for purpose
● licensing on a territory-by-territory basis is an essential element in the mix for raising finance for
audiovisual productions. It is also a means for optimal distribution of works, adapted to local
● it is vital to establish a level playing field ensuring equal treatment between all operators when
completing the Digital Single Market
● any reform of EU copyright law should go together with a stronger enforcement of rights policy

On this sensitive issue, it urges the European institutions to adopt an evidence-based and targeted
approach, informed by impact assessments and to avoid any “big bang” policy changes, instead opting
for a gradual solution developed in close cooperation with the relevant stakeholders.