The Lithuanian Film Centre distributes over €1.2 million of state funding


The Lithuanian Film Centre (LFC) has allocated a total of €1,239,567  for the production of fictional features, shorts, micro-budget films and a minority co-production.

The feature fiction Miracle (Stebuklas) directed by Eglė Vertelytė received €200,000 with a recommendation of additional €58,337 for the next year. The companies behind the film are Lithuanian “In Script”, Bulgarian “Geopoly” and Macedonian “Revolution Productions”. The feature film Breathing Into Marble (Kvėpavimas į marmurą) by Giedrė Beinorūtė was given €200,000 and €75,000 more may follow in 2016. It is a co-production of the Lithuanian company “Just a moment”, Latvian “Mistrus Media” and German “Sutor Kolonko Filmproduktion”. The experimental feature film Stásis (Stásis) directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius and co-produced between Lithuanian “Studio Uljana Kim”, German “Pallas Film” and French “Rouge International” secured €150,000 for this year with another €100,000 advised for the next year. Emilia (Emilija) by Donatas Ulvydas was granted €250,000 with a recommendation to give another €107,000 in 2016. The film is produced by “Fralita Films”. €45,000 was allocated for the production of the short film The Trolleybus-Man (Žmogus-vielabraukis) by Jonas Trukanas, produced by Lithuanian “Dansu Films” and Estonian “Nafta Films”.

Support was also extended to one micro-budget project. The funding of €77,000 went to the fictional feature titled Dead-weight (Dedveitas) directed by Ignas Miškinis and produced by Lithuanian “Tremora” and Latvian “Film Angels Studio”.

Two minority co-productions were also supported. Feature film Pretenders (Apsimetėliai) by Vallo Toomla received €30,000, and was recommended for another €45,000 next year. The film is co-produced by the Lithuanian company “Studio Uljana Kim” and Estonian “Amrion Production”. Igor Cobileanski’s production under the working title Eastern Business (Apie draugystę ir daug arklio pasagų) was given €60,000. The film is produced between Lithuanian company “Just a moment” and Romanian “Alien Film”.

5 other projects with two-year funding plans that had received their first instalments in 2014 were now granted the remaining part of the support. The production of the fictional feature film Garden of Eden (Edeno Sodas) directed by Algimantas Puipa and produced by “Studija 2” was given €67,916; last year it received €394,028. Fictional feature film Seneca’s day (Senekos diena) by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas secured €30,410 in addition to the €548, 829 given last year. The film is a co-production of Lithuanian “Studio Uljana Kim”, Latvian “Locomotive Productions” and Estonian “Amrion”.

Production of the full-length documentary Liebe Tante, Guten Tag! directed by Jūratė Samulionytė and Vilma Samulionytė was given €28 962 after the last year’s support of €31,858. The film is a co-production between Lithuanian “Tremora” and German “Dagstar Film”. The full-length documentary Woman and the Glacier (Moteris ir Ledynas) by Audrius Stonys received €37,659; it had previously secured €37,650 in 2013.The production of the full-length documentary The Ancient Forest (Sengirė) by Mindaugas Survila was granted €62,620; last year it was provided with €28,962, and €35,850 is scheduled for 2016.

The results of support to documentaries, TV documentaries, interactive projects and project development will be announced in March.