Films of the Lithuanian filmmakers’ Žebriūnas and Grikevičius restored

Two films produced by the Lithuanian Film Studio and acquired from Gos­fil­mo­fond – one of the biggest Russian film repositories – have been restored as commissioned by the Lithuanian Film Centre (LFC). The digitised image and sound of the films Beauty (Gražuolė) directed by Arūnas Žebriūnas and Sadūto tūto by Almantas Grikevičius were restored. English and French subtitles were prepared for the films.

Inga Mickytė. A shot from 'The Beauty'

Inga Mickytė. A shot from ‘The Beauty’

The films were restored in cooperation with Polish and Lithuanian experts. In order to recreate the atmosphere, the gamut of colours, and the subtleties of lighting of the film most accurately, Donatas Pečiūra – the cameraman of Satūto tūto – took part in the restoration.

Aktoriai Bronius Babkauskas ir Eugenija Pleškytė_filmas 'Sadūto Tūto'

Aktoriai Bronius Babkauskas and Eugenija Pleškytė. A shot from ‘Sadūto Tūto’

Aktoriai Juozas Budraitis (kairėje) ir Regimantas Adomaitis (dešinėje)_filmas 'Sadūto Tūto'

Actors Juozas Budraitis (left) ir Regimantas Adomaitis (right). A shot from the film ‘Sadūto Tūto’


 The LFC aims for systematic acquiring the Lithuanian film heritage and ensuring that the heritage is not only accumulated, but also made available to the public. 9 film copies were purchased from Gos­fil­mo­fond in 2014, and 10 more acquisitions are planned for 2015.