Eurimages support granted to Seneca’s Day, a co-production of Baltic countries

Senekos diena

Eurimages, the Council of Europe’s film support fund, extended a grant of €220,000 (LTL 759,616) to the film Seneca’s Day directed by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas. In total Eurimages supported 15 European co-production projects during this session. A total of €4,033,000 (LTL 13,925,142) has been distributed.

“The fund’s requirements are high and securing the money was not easy”, Uljana Kim, the producer of the film, said. “We are glad that we succeeded. We take this with great responsibility and we will strive to achieve the best results.”

The film is set in 1989, the final year of the Soviet era in Vilnius. 18-year-old buddies establish the Seneca’s Fellowship. Its motto is, “Live each day as if it was your last.” A love triangle breaks up the fellowship right at the time the nation experiences an exceptional sense of community via the Baltic Chain. 25years later, the main character, who appears to be accompanied by good luck at first glance, is disillusioned with himself. He has betrayed the ideals of his youth and has become a cold observer of life. Life forces him to open up his own Pandora’s Box.

Seneca’s Day is the first co-production of all three Baltic countries. It is produced by the Lithuanian film production company Studio Uljana Kim, Estonian Amrion Production, and Latvian Locomotive Productions. In 2013, the film was selected the best presented project in the Baltic Event, the North-Eastern Europe co-production forum in Tallinn.

This year the Lithuanian Film Centre allocated LTL 1,800,000 (€521,316) for the production of Seneca’s Day, and another LTL 200,000 (€57,924) are scheduled for 2015. The total budget of the film is LTL 4,764,864 (€1,380,000).

In 2015, Lithuania will join the Eurimage’s Bureau. The member states of the Bureau rotate each year and take part in preparing the meetings of the Board of Management, assisting the President in directing work of the Board meetings, determining before each meeting the amount of funds for granting aid, determining, with regard to co-production aid, the amount awardable to each project, preparing the annual policy meeting of the Boards, preparing the budget guidelines and appointment of funds among the various activities, for submission to the Board and other tasks.

Eight co-productions with the Lithuanian participation have received the Eurimages’ support since the country became a member: Low Lights by Ignas Miškinis (€160,000; Lithuania-Germany), and The Golden Horse by Valentas Aškinis (€350,000; Latvia-Lithuania) in 2008; Back to Your Arms by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas (€140,000; Lithuania-Germany-Poland) in 2009; Frozen Silence by Gerardo Herrero (€600,000; Spain-Lithuania), and Vanishing Waves by Kristina Buožytė (€150,000; Lithuania-France-Belgium) in 2010; The Gambler by Ignas Jonynas (€100,000; Lithuania-Latvia) in 2012; The Summer of Sangailė by Alantė Kavaitė (€110,000; Lithuania-France) in 2013; and Seneca’s Day by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas (€220,000; Lithuania) in 2014.