Calls for film funding applications to be announced twice a year

The Lithuanian Film Centre (LFC) has launched the call for applications to receive national funding for film development and production projects. The competition will be carried out in accordance with the updated Regulations of Funding Projects of Film Development and Production.

“I would like to point out that now the calls for applications will be launched twice a year”, said Rolandas Kvietkauskas, the Director of the LFC. “Another innovation in the national funding regulations is that the projects will be assessed and funded within their categories. Applications will compete in different categories, for example, full-feature film production projects will only compete with other full-feature films. Each category will have a separate budget.”

The updated regulations include new categories of film projects eligible for funding. Now applications can be submitted for a debut short-film, a debut full-feature, a micro-budget full-feature, a TV documentary, development and production of an interactive project, or a minority co-production.

One of the key changes in the regulations was the project assessment criteria with the view to make the assessment more objective and to take into account both the artistic value and the preparedness to implement the project.

The maximum deadline for the completion of the film has also been introduced – once the national funding is granted, the film production project will have to be finalised within two years, from the end of the last financial year. The premiere and the theatrical release will have to take place during the period. The funding period for continuous projects has been cut by a year – such projects will now receive funding for two years.