Lithuania announces 2014 Grants

The Lithuanian film centre announced the final list of projects that received national funding for 2014. A total of 2 082 368 EUR was distributed among 40 projects.1.878.042 EUR was distributed among 23 production projects: 8 feature films, 1 short film, 7 documentaries, 2 short documentaries and 5 short animations. 204.326 EUR went to 17 development projects.

 For the first time Lithuania supported three minority co-productions:  ‘Sanatorium of Ashes‘ (Latvia) by Davis Simanis, ‘Vilnius–Inter 965‘ (Finland) by Mikko Kuparinen and ‘The man who knew 75 languages‘ (Norway)  by Anne Magnussen.

The biggest grants went to ‘Escaping Sunshine’ by Allan van O.T. Andersen, produced by ‘Era Film‘ (405.468 EUR) and ‘Seneca’s day’ by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas, produced by ‘Uljana Kim&Co’ (405.468 EUR).

The full list of supported projects can be found here.