State funding competition continues: over a million litas handed out

The Lithuanian Film Centre (LFC) has allocated  LTL 1,329,000 for film production.LTL 809,000 were given for the production of documentaries: LTL 320,000 were distributed among three ongoing documentary feature productions and LTL 489,000 among 4 documentary features and 2 short documentaries. A total of 32 applications for the funding of documentaries were received this year.

Animation films received the support of LTL 420,000 this year. The amount was  handed out to 5 short animation films selected from 12 applicants.

LTL 100,000 were given for the production of the feature film “Between Shades of Grey” (“Tarp pilkų debesų”) directed by Marius Markevičius, with a recommendation of additional LTL 1.4 million for the next year.

Next week, the results of pre-production projects will be announced. This will end this year’s competition of the state funding for the film industry. Applicants will receive written copies of conclusions concerning each project.

The list of funded projects can be found here.