The Lithuanian Film Centre to implement the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production


The Lithuanian Film Centre (LFC) is now responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production. As of 2014, the LFC will pay the annual membership fee and appoint a permanent representative to the Board of Management of the Eurimages fund. Lithuanian representative in Eurimages is Audrius Stonys, his substitute is Aušra Lukošiūnienė, the Head of Production department at the Lithuanian Film Centre.

Eurimages is the Council of Europe’s cinema support fund created in 1989 with an aim to promote the European film industry. It currently has 36 Member States. The Fund administers four support schemes. Lithuania is eligible to apply under two of them, namely: cinema co-production, and theatrical distribution. The Fund is managed and decisions on the funding of projects are taken by the Board of Management consisting of representatives from all Member States. In 2013, the Fund awarded a total of EUR 24.5 million to co-production, distribution and other projects.

Lithuania became the member of Eurimages in 2007. Last year a session of the organisation’s Board of Management was held in Vilnius. 7 films co-produced by Lithuania received the support  since the joining.

Films co-produced by Lithuania that were supported by Eurimages: Low Lights (Artimos šviesos) by Ignas Miškinis (EUR 160,000, Lithuania-Germany), and Golden Horse (Zelta Zirgs) by Valentas Aškinis (EUR 350,000, Latvia-Lietuva) in 2008; Back to Your Arms (Kai apkabinsiu tave) by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas (EUR 140,000, Lithuania-Germany-Poland) in 2009; The Face of the Assassin (Tyla sniege) by Gerardo Herrero (EUR 600,000, Spain-Lithuania), and Vanishing Waves (Aurora) by Kristina Buožytė (EUR 150,000, Lithuania-France-Belgium) in 2010; The Gambler (Lošėjas) by Ignas Jonynas (EUR 100,000, Lithuania-Latvia) in 2012; and Sangaïlé by Alanté Kavaité (EUR 110,000, Lithuania-France) in 2013.

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