Significant increase in the market share of domestic films in Lithuania

In 2013 the attendance of film theatres in Lithuania continued to grow amounting to 3,256,995 admissions across the country – 236,663 more than in 2012.Also, last year Lithuanian feature films resumed growth after a row of slow years (11 premieres in 2013, 4 in 2012, 2 in 2011, and 4 in 2010) and saw an all times high admissions.

Although last year American productions still held the greatest share of the market (69.27%; 2,145,777 admissions), Lithuanian films enjoyed the second position and the all times highest market share of 16.49%  and 510,924 admissions. In comparison, in 2012 the market share of domestic films was only 2.54%. The revenue from tickets last year grew by €1.3 million and totalled in €13,142,652. More than €2 million were brought in by Lithuanian films when in 2012 the box office of Lithuanian films was less than €290,000.

Three national films – ‘How to Steal a Wife’ (57,862 admissions and €250,614 box office) and ‘Valentine Alone’ (190,714 admissions and €768,136 box office) by dir. Donatas Ulvydas as well as ‘Women Lie Better: Kristina’ (108,472 admissions and €454,481 box office) by dir. Alvydas Šlepikas made it to Lithuania’s Top 10 most grossing films of 2013. The aforementioned ‘Valentine Alone’ became the best grossing film of the year.