Lithuanian Film Centre supports production of 7 feature films

The Lithuanian Film Centre (LFC) has allotted national funding for film production in 2014. LTL 4.75 million were distributed among 7 projects – 6 features and 1 short film.

Garden of Eden (Edeno sodas) directed by Algimantas Puipa and produced by Studija 2 received LTL 900,000 this year. As the project is intended to be supported within two years’ time, another LTL 300,000 are scheduled for 2015. Last year, the film collected LTL 58,000 of state funds for the pre-production.

LTL 1.4 million were awarded to the film Escaping Sunshine (Pabėgimas iš saulės miesto) directed by Allan van O. T. Andersen and produced by Era Film. The project shall be funded within two years’ time and LFC recommends to awards another LTL 400,000 to the project the next year. The pre-production of the film was supported by the LFC last year with LTL 86,250. This is a Lithuanian-Danish-Dutch co-production.

Seneca’s Day (Senekos diena) by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas was awarded LTL 1.4 million this year with a recommendation of additional LTL 200,000 in 2015. This is a Latvian-Estonian-French co-production produced by Studio Uljana Kim. An amount of LTL 750,000 was granted to the film Do You Love Me (Ar tu mane myli) directed by Lina Lužytė. The pre-production of this project produced by Just a Moment was supported with LTL 150,000 last year. It is a Lithuanian-French-Romanian co-production.

This year, for the first time support was awarded to two minority co-productions. The film Sanatorium of Ashes (Pelnu sanatorija) by Davis Simanis (Latvia) received a grant of LTL 100,000. The project is produced by the Latvian company Locomotive Productions and Lithuanian company Studio Uljana Kim as a minority co-producer. LTL 100,000 was also awarded to the project Vilnius–Inter 965 by the Finnish filmmaker Mikko Kuparinen. The film is produced by the Finnish company Mjolk Movies OY and the Lithuanian film production company ARTbox participating as a minor co-producer.

LTL 100,000 was also granted to a short film Flood in Šančiai (Tvanas Šančiuose) directed by Gerda Krutaja and produced by Studija Kinema.

This year, national funding has already been awarded to two other projects – LTL 200,000 for the feature film Sangailė directed by Alantė Kavaitė and produced by Fralita Films; and LTL 250,000 for the documentary Gladiators: A Different World (Gladiatoriai. Kita planeta) directed by Arūnas Matelis and produced by Ultra Nominum.

The results of the funding for documentaries and animation films will be announced this week, and the results of the grants for the pre-production of film projects will be available by the end of the month.