Short screenplay developing workshops in Lithuania guided by few of the best international advisers

The 16th of September begins with the unique in Europe 5 day residential short screenplay developing workshops “Too short to die” in Lithuania. 12 projects were selected to the training programme. Screenwriters and directors arrive in Druskininkai from 7 European countries.

For the purpose of achieving ultimate results “Too short to die” is guided by few of the best international advisers: the author of nine feature film scripts and a book “Of scripts and life”, with over 30 years of experience in prestigious film schools and training programs, lecturer and adviser Jan Fleischer together with experienced development consultant and script editor who works for a broad range of international, award-winning directors and producers, lecturer and a voting member of BAFTA, Angeli Macfarlane.

Workshops focus on developing combined analytic and creative capabilities of writing a powerful screenplay for a short film with a strong impact on international audiences from an idea to a final draft. Training programme aims to teach writers to convey ideas and feelings in structured, consistent and efficient way.

Organizers of the workshops “IN_Script” in partnership with Lithuanian Film Centre, British Council and Media Desk Lithuania, aim to emphasize the importance of screenplays as well as screenwriters to the public’s and Film industry’s attention. The lack of good stories is described as one of the most pressing problems of Film industry.

To conclude the event the public lecture with both tutors of the workshops will take place in Vilnius on September 20th.

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