BALTIC PITCHING FORUM: spotlight for the Baltic short film projects


First time in Baltics  a special industry event for the short film projects from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia which hopefully will gain international recognition as one of the most important short film market-place in Baltic countries. Before this there were no specific events or platforms for presentation of the Baltic short film filmmakers’ ideas and it is essential to create a space known as a right place to collaborate, produce and invest.

Baltic Short Film Pitching Forum is also dedicated for the promotion of Baltic region by presenting talented filmmakers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Baltic Pitching Forum is a unique platform of networking and bringing the newest short film projects from the Baltics into the spotlight.

Forum also aims to set up a context for the short film filmmakers from Baltic countries to present their new projects and to share the common issues and knowledge, exchange experiences and good practices, to develop artistic ideas and to increase contacts. Forum creates a space where film directors and producers can present their short film projects in order to attract active European producers, TV commissioners, fund representatives, VoD programmers and distributors.

Baltic Pitching Forum consists of one-day pitching training and one-day pitching sessions of the selected projects alongside one-to-one meetings with film professionals from all over Europe.

The first day of the Forum will be dedicated to the training regarding successful pitching and how to prepare for it. The second day of the Forum will be dedicated to a presentation of the selected projects in front of an international panel consisting of 7 members.  After the presentation, one-on-one meetings between invited film professionals and participants will take place.

One of the goals of the Forum is to facilitate interaction, cooperation and co-production between short filmmakers from Baltics and the rest of Europe. Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian based film directors and/or producers who have finished at least one short film project and are now developing a new project which is a fiction short film no longer than 30 min. and oriented to an international audience are invited to apply to this Forum.

9 short film projects will be selected by the selection committee (3 projects per country) and up to 2 representatives of each selected project (producer or/and director) will be invited to take part in the training and pitching sessions held in Vilnius.

Forum organizers prepared an award for the Best Short Film Project – a travel to the most important short film event in Europe – European Short Film Co-production Forum EURO CONNECTION as part of the 39th International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand on 5-6th February, 2014.

Baltic Pitching Forum will be held on 11-12th October, 2013 during 8th International Short Film Festival “Vilnius Film Shorts” in Vilnius, Lithuania. This festival is the only international short film festival in Lithuania and one of the largest in Baltics. Forum is organized by Lithuanian Short Film Agency “Lithuanian Shorts” together with Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS (Latvia) and Student and Short Film Festival SLEEPWALKERS (Estonia).


Application deadline: 6 September, 2013

 Baltic Pitching Forum is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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Text by Laurence Boyce, published in WOSH Magazine: Sarajevo&Venice edition