Lithuanian filmmaker invited to DOX:LAB 2013/2014

Lithuanian filmmaker Giedrė Žickytė was invited to DOX:LAB 2013/2014 – cross-cultural program for a selected number of filmmakers from EU and from non EU-countries. G.Žickytė will team up with Chilean documentary filmmaker Maite Alberdi with whom she will make a film in the course of the next year.

Giedrė Žickytė. Nuotr. autorius: Alan Kurc

Giedrė Žickytė. Photo by Alan Kurc

G.Žickytė will take part in training, project development and subsequent pitching events at the international co-production markets. Together with M.Alberdi she will develop and produce a film which will be premiered at DOX:LAB 2014/2015.

The programe gives filmmakers a complete creative control of the filmmaking process, the only demand being that the films should be in countries of residence outside of EU. The ambition of DOX:LAB is to stimulate cultural exchange in cinematic terms, and to create special and challenging works of artistic vision.

DOX:LAB was launched by CPH:DOX in 2009. Each year twenty filmmakers from ten Eu­ropean and ten non-European countries are carefully invited to take part. The program is focused on training / project development, pitching events at international co-production markets and subsequent production.

The program is supported by MEDIA Mundus and a private Danish foundation – The Obel Family Foundation. The production budgets are funded by CPH:DOX in partnership with national film institutes. This year Lithuanian Film Centre became the partner of the programme and and joined a number of Film Institutes and Centres co-operating with DOX:LAB.