The shooting of “The Queen of England Stole my Parents” was sucessfully wraped in Vilnius


Followed by nearly a year of development and preproduction, the shooting of short length movie “The Queen of England Stole my Parents” took place in Vilnius and it’s outskirts for 11 shooting days and was sucessfully wraped last week.

The story istself revolves around a little girl named Milda who embarks on a life changing journey to rescue her emigrated parents. The project creators is often describing the project as a modern day Pippi Long Stocking story and although picture touches such relevant and sensitive social topics as emigration and children left behind by their parents, director Ernestas Jankauskas claims that instead of concentrating on political and social aspects of the theme, he was focused on showing how amazing, full of imagination, hope and love can a world of a small girl be.


The project was partly financed by it’s successful campaign in “” – one of the leading crowdfunding platforms. After collecting a financial goal of 12000 $, “The Queen of England Stole my Parents” also became the first Lithuanian short length movie, that has managed to raise more than 10000 $  using this new and emerging way of funding creative projects.


Project “The Queen of England Stole my Parents” was a part of such international workshops like script development workshop “NISI MASA 2013” and short length movie distribution lab “GENERATION CAMPUS 2013”. Project was also highlighted by the “Word of shorts” Cannes 2013 issue, as one of the 7 most promising upcoming short length movies. After postproduction works that are planned to last throughout the summer, movie is planned to be shown in major international film festivals starting from late 2013 autumn.

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