Peaceful Fish to carry out a research on Lithuanian film industry’s competitive advantage

This week Peaceful Fish – a media consulting company specialising in content financing – starts a research aimed at analysing Lithuanian film sector’s advantage criteria. This initiative will lay the foundation for the development of an effective inward investment strategy. The research was ordered by Lithuanian Film Centre.

“Besides other aspects, a successful international film strategy needs a thorough research concerning existing resources. Therefore representatives of the Lithuanian film industry as well as national decision makers will be closely involved in the research process“, – says Rolandas Kvietkauskas, the Head of Lithuanian Film Centre.

The research will focus on what is available in Lithuania in terms of resources and infrastructure. Also the comparison between Lithuania and most competitive neighbouring markets will be made and analysed.

In order to understand the perceptions and possible interests in co-producing with neighbouring countries, qualitative interviews with Lithuanian cinema players and international co-producers will be carried out. In the course of the final phase of the research, the results will be analysed and recommendations regarding inward investment strategy will be provided to Lithuanian Film Centre.