Lithuanian Sci-Fi Film Gets U.S. Distribution

Vanishing Waves

Artsploitation Films picks up “Vanishing Waves,” which becomes the country’s first offering to be distributed theatrically in North America.

BERLIN – Kristina Buozyte’s erotic sci-fi drama Vanishing Waves (a.k.a. Aurora) is Lithuania’s little film that could. The 1.175-million-euro ($1.5 million) Lithuanian-French-Belgian co-production has made waves on the festival circuit in both hemispheres, including high-profile sci-fi film fests.

The film had its world premiere at the 2012 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. It received a special mention award in Karlovy Vary’s East of the West competition, so it was invited to other festivals. It won several more awards, including awards at festivals in the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation and the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, an EFFFF supporting member. It won the Silver and Gold Melies awards at Lund, Sweden and Sitges, Spain, respectively, and the four main awards in Austin (Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Film, Best Actress).

The film has been picked up by brand-new Philadelphia-based U.S. distributor Artsploitation Films, which had its first release in November 2012 — the Indian film Gandu. Artsploitation released Vanishing Waves on March 15 in New York. It opened in Chicago on March 29 and will be screened on April 19 at the Cinedelphia Film Festival in Philadelphia and the Calgary Underground Festival in Calgary, Alberta. Its North American DVD/VOD release date is June 18.

The film has also been sold to the U.K. and Ireland (TLA), France (Helios Films), Beneleux (CNC), Japan (New Select), South Korea (Green Narae Media), Taiwan (Best Digital), Czech Republic & Slovakia (Artcam), Sweden (Njuta Films), Germany & Austria (Donau Films), Italy (PFA), Spain (Aquellare), Hungary (Anjou Lafayette), Romania (Chlorofilms), Greece (Artplex) and Latvia (Locomotive).

Article by Kirill Galetski, original source –