World cinema elite praises Lithuanian films introduced at the Clermont-Ferrand IFF

Lisa, Go Home!

On February 4th a film market starts at the international short film festival Clermont-Ferrand. For the first time it will feature a Lithuanian stand that will present five most prominent short films of the year 2012 from Lithuania.

According to Rimantė Daugėlaitė, the head of the short film agency “Lithuanian shorts“ the latest Lithuanian films will surely surprise even the most demanding film critics of Clermont-Ferrand.

“If the films we are screening were made in bigger European countries, they would be internationally acclaimed immediately and included in programmes of international festivals and television broadcasts. Lithuania is still an exotic country in the cinema world, but we are hoping to become a newly discovered cinema land after the Clermont-Ferrand festival“, says R. Daugėlaitė.

The Lithuanian films presented at the festival film market have already received awards and been praised by cinema elite.

Cinema legend Angelo Badalamenti, who has composed music for David Lynch‘s and Danny Boyle‘s films not only created the sound track for the film “God‘s Got His Head in the Clouds“ (dir. Gianluca Sodaro) but also praised the movie greatly.

“Gianluca Sodaro has made a great miniature film in which he ingeneously raises a simple religious question. I watched the movie five times before sitting down at the piano,“ said the American composer about the Lithuanian-Italian joined production “God‘s Got His Head in the Clouds“.

Moreover, during the film screening at the festival market two animated films and two documentaries from Lithuania will be presented.

Is a dream – meeting the Swedish film director Roy Anderson – meant to come true? Director Tomas Smulkis is trying to answer this question in the documentary film “Paradise road“. The Swedish film legend generously complimented the sincere work of the Lithuanian director. “

A sensitive drama of a child is depicted by Oksana Buraja in the documentary “Liza, go home!“. The world premier of the film about the little girl Liza and her dreams while growing up with alcoholic parents took place in the Leipzig film festival. “Liza, go home!“ also was awarded as the the best Lithuanian short film in the European Film Forum “Scanorama”. This film is included in the programme of the Clermont-Ferrand IFF “Lab“.

During Clermont-Ferrand short film market the best Lithuanian cartoon of 2012 “Independence day“ will be presented (dir. Urtė Budinaitė). In this film reality fades and fantasy takes over. One day a musician escapes from the radio. Too much sugar makes a ship sink. Luckily, the missing hat reappears.

A tale of people‘s dreams, wonderings, aspiration to discover and be discovered, a tale of buttons lost and found and invisible threads that bond it all. This is how another Lithuanian cartoon – “The Button“ is introduced (dir. Ieva Miškinytė). This film was awarded in International Film Festival “Tindirindis”, Vilnius.

At Clermont-Farrand the Lithuanian films and the national stand will be presented by “Lithuanian shorts”. It is a Lithuanian short film agency that executes a systematic and coordinated presentation of Lithuanian short films in foreign countries.