‘Lithuanian Films 2012 – 2013′ and ‘Shoot in Lithuania 2013′ – online

Lithuanian Films 2012-2013

Catalogues ‘Lithuanian Films 2012 – 2013′ and ‘Shoot in Lithuania 2013′ can already be accessed online.

‘Lithuanian Films 2012 – 2013′ introduces Lithuanian films produced across all genres and represents distinctive and diverse voices of Lithuanian film in the year 2012 – 2013. Films are presented at different stages in their development: from those that are still in pre-production to films already boasting a list of awards. Among them are not only national films but also international co-productions.

‘Shoot in Lithuania 2013′ is one of the most important publications for those considering shooting in Lithuania. The catalogue offers recommendations by those who have already enjoyed cooperation with professionals from Lithuania as well as a list of films that were shot in Lithuania.  Most importantly, in this publication the reader will find exhaustive information about crew, staff, sets and equipment, costumes and castings as well as companies that are ready to cooperate.

Both catalogues can be found here.